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What is Experts Success?

Experts Success is an elite program specifically for Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Consultants looking to raise the bar in their results.

It’s a step-by-step system that has been developed to get you in front of more of your target market and automate the lead flow, sales, and delivery of your training business.

Who is it for?

Experts Success has been tailored for Authors, Coaches/Consultants, Trainers, Experts, and Speakers.

Our community is focused on results, and collaborative promotion and support.

Why Should You Get Involved?

Over the last 10 years Experts Success founders Cydney and Carrie have developed the process and proven the system. It will help you put people in your events, get sales conversions, and grow your business to 6 or 7 figures.

Love the delivery of your training and coaching, and want more clients? Are you too bogged down with the daily grind to take your business to the next level? If so, come to our free events and online trainings. You’ll see how our most successful clients have automated their businesses for success, and how we can help you achieve the same for yours.

The Experts Success Four Pillars

I. Positioning:
Being The Recognized Expert in Your Field Will Transform Your Business. If you aren’t seen as the Market Leader, then why will people listen? Read More…

II. Packaging: Effective packaging can propel you above the rest of your industry. It creates in your prospective clients a compelling desire to purchase your program. Read More…

III. Promotion: Marketing is everything. And there are really two key aspects to marketing: Your Marketing Funnel and Your Marketing Campaigns. Read More…

IV Processes: Processes are the life support of your entire business. They start at your product creation process and flow through to the completion of a client’s… Read More…

Meet Our Founders

Carrie Myton


Cydney O’Sullivan


Michael O’Sullivan


Carrie Myton

Carrie Myton is a totally unique Entrepreneur.

Carrie learned first-hand in the ‘School of Life’ just how vital money, healthy business, and the power of influence is for everyone. Her particular skill is in having discovered her innate passion for, and understanding of, the most important actions in order to succeed at making money, along with her ability to teach others this vital skill. Carrie’s knowledge and implementation of first-rate marketing skills is phenomenal and she is a powerhouse at sales.

By the age of 23 Carrie owned and ran an IT business turning over $1mil, which was voted one of the ‘Top 10 Women Owned Businesses’ in Atlanta, Georgia. Previously she had studied accounting at Lafayette in Louisiana. She needed to create a better way to make business work exceptionally well, using influence from the heart.

Carrie works as a healer for business. She finds where the money/wealth has lain dormant and hidden, and implements powerful systems, in a timely and efficient way to bring optimum health to any business. The success of Carrie’s heart based sales has seen her as the only woman, in a team of 9 to outsell everyone put together!!

Carrie has worked with a wide range of people and businesses globally, including Loral Langemeier, Siimon Reynolds, Brian Sher, Jordan Belfort, BMW, Lexus, the US Geological Survey, Ritz Carlton, and Mercedes-Benz.

Carrie now personally coaches entrepreneurs to understand the psychology of influence, the power of one’s own beliefs and gifts, and how to market any business with integrity. She enables people to move dreams of taking their business to extraordinary heights, into realistic action. Carrie encourages people to see that by awakening your inner banker and developing your wealth worthy character, that “Financial Health is Sexy”.

Carrie’s true gift to the world is teaching how to influence and sell from the heart to create lasting wealth.

Cydney O’Sullivan

Positioning Consultant, Cydney O’Sullivan, shares her time between two teenagers, consulting and travelling to international conferences. She is a Global Citizen of the world, splitting her time between Australia, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She has been fortunate enough to own shareholdings in businesses from seed projects to IPOs for over 30 years.

Most of her career she has been a business ‘turn around’ expert. In her years as a business, real estate and stock market investor she has made millions. But, along with her success, she also made some costly mistakes and this motivated her to rebuild her own wealth. In the process she become a caring mentor, assisting others toward their own success. She is a proud supporter of micro-economic lending and social business projects. She has written and published several no. 1 best selling books; ‘Social Marketing Superstars’, ‘Social Media Mystery to Mastery in 30 Days’, ‘How to Be Wealthy NOW! 108 Fast Cash Solutions’, ‘Quantum Leap My Life’, and several other books based on her own experience of turning value and service into revenue.

Her business advice has been featured in national newspapers and magazines and in many books including, ‘Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed!’ and ‘Secrets of Stock Market Traders Exposed!’. She is the founder of several training programs including ‘Rocket Your Sales™’, ‘Millionaires Academy™’, ‘Best Seller Success™’, ‘Expert Success Summit™’ and ‘Social Superstar Secrets’.

Michael O’Sullivan

Mr. Michael O’Sullivan, BComm, LLB, served as the Chief Operating Officer of Anittel Group Limited since July 18, 2011 and served as the Commercial Director of KAZ Group until the acquisition of KAZ by Telstra. Mr. O’Sullivan joined KAZ Group in 1991 and worked with Kaz Group for over 10 years during which time he was a significant contributor to the growth and then public listing of the business. He served as a Director of all KAZ Group Companies including Australian Administration Services (AAS). Since leaving KAZ, he has consulted to, and been a Director of a number of technology companies.

He consults to and serves as a Director of Artis Group, a specialist application software developer and consulting business. Mr. O’Sullivan has served as Non-Executive Director of Anittel Group Limited since March 21, 2011 and served as Executive Director since July 18, 2011. He consults to a variety of emerging companies across a broad range of industries, especially reality television, IT and real estate.

Your Experience

By the end of our events or webinars, our #1 commitment is to give you clarity for your business to help you reach your target goals. Our objective is to help you understand what is required to achieve your business goals and what your audience needs to feel from you in order to support you in that achievement.

Case Studies

Loral Langemeier


Jordan Belfort


Bernie Griffiths


Sound Therapy International


Acquire Wealth Solutions


Jordan Belfort

In 2011, Carrie Myton was engaged to work on the Jordan Belfort tour.

Jordan has quite a significant name in Australia and was literally on stage in front of 5000 people in just the 2011 tour.

The most significant impact that Carrie made on Jordan’s tour was on the sales side of the business. Carrie not only more than doubled the sales that Jordan achieved on the tour, she also outsold a team of 11 sales people.

Carrie’s sales processes and systems brought in over $1.1 million in sales in just 3 months for Jordan’s tour.

Bernie Griffiths

When Bernie came to Cydney he was falling behind with the new marketing mediums taking over the industry. He was a successful photographer who had built his business through traditional marketing methods.

It was a challenging transition from the Yellow Pages to online marketing – but Bernie was a fast learner, and trusting implementer, and grasped online marketing very quickly, once the bottlenecks were removed.

He also shifted the model of his business – going from photographer to Photography Business Trainer and Small Business Mentor.

Within the 12 months Bernie spent working with Cydney, Bernie’s revenue increased by over $200,000 that year.

The major shifts were in the model of his business and effective promotions.

Sound Therapy International

After just one week in an office with Carrie – Rafael Joudry was able to understand and implement simple changes in the marketing and sales direction for her business that resulted in over 400% increase in net profit!

The main reason that Sound Therapy wanted help was to increase their net profits so they could invest in more assets for the business. This was at a point where the business was already doing over $1 million per annum in turn over.

In just one week, Carrie was able to support Rafael in executing effective inside sales processes and internal marketing that increased their business from a 25% client purchase cycle to nearly 60% and a NET PROFIT increase of over 400% in just 12 months.

The increase came with little staff addition and minor marketing funnel implementation that is fully automated.

Acquire Wealth Solutions

Mark Robinson, with Acquire Wealth, quickly got the utilisation of the Positioning and Promotion formula. Mark has published multiple books with Cydney O’Sullivan and just in the last publication has generation over $100,000 just from the latest book, “Winning the Wealth Game”.

“Winning the Wealth Game” is now a Best Seller and Mark continues to utilise the book to leverage his positioning in the Financial Services market as well as the ability of a book allowing his business to reach a greater market.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • *
  • Loyalty
  • *
  • Leadership
  • *
  • Clarity
  • *
  • Results

Our values are really important to us – as many of the speakers, authors, and coaches we teach become management clients under our brand, and part of our ‘family’.

Our Mission is to change the face of the local Expert and Speaking Industry. Helping honest, high integrity experts find audiences that appreciate lasting results from the support and information provided. Our Purpose is to source the Best Experts in the world and bring their content and information to the masses.